Film & Video Production

Why Video Promos??

Videos can be more interactive

A Video is surely more interactive than a photo ad or a banner. Moving animated objects with sound definitely attracts a larger crowd of interest. Using these tools, people can get to know more about a particular product of their interests and compare with other firms manufacturing the same product.


In this phase of a video production project, we work with you to understand your audience, create an overall vision for the video, draft a storyboard or script, develop interview questions, and sketch out a preliminary distribution strategy for your video.


MiniMatters has highly professional camera crews and equipment to film your video and bring your story to life. When necessary, we work with your audio-visual team at your conference venue to ensure a successful filming session.


In the editing phase, we edit together the video footage for the project along with other assets such as your branding/logo, photos, graphics, and music. We can also record a professional voice over for your video. Editing is an interactive process, where we will deliver review cuts for your feedback before a final video is produced.